New Website

It's been several months in the making but our new website is finally here. Check it at

Simple and clean look

When we started developing our new website, we wanted three main things: a minimal, simple, and clean look; a new and attractive services page; and a blog section.
Mainly we wanted you to experience the website like an art gallery, without much to distract from the main artwork. This is a place for us to share with you some of the work being done at Momentum.

Blog section

Writer Ana Claudia Antunes wrote:
The less you move on the ground the more the world moves around.¹
There is something I constantly run off. To become stagnant. The comfort of just doing the same thing repeatedly, the same way as always, just because it works. I'm always striving to find and get new knowledge and information. From studying classical painting to experimenting with the latest technology or plugin.
The blog section has been in my mind for quite a while. It's something that makes sense to me. There is so much that we can share, and I wanted a place where I could do this. To be honest, I want to try and feed as much as I can this new blog section, but I might also just realize that it won't work and just shut it down. Mainly because it doesn't come easy to me to write blog posts, even though I have plenty I want to share.
This section won't be written exclusively by me. Hopefully, other people inside of Momentum will want to make it their own and write as well and share their views and knowledge.

What's next?

In the coming weeks, we're having some newprojects being published on our website. It's been a lot of time since we've published some new projects here and in our social media. Our social media should work more consistently now, as we hired someone to take care of that. Before, it was either me or Miguel doing it, and let's be honest, we don't have neither the time nor the knowledge to do it properly.
More and more we're trying new technologies, from photogrammetry to Augmented Reality, so hopefully we'll have something to share during the next couple of months.
So, this is it for now. If you want to ask us anything or just want to say Hi, feel free to use the comment section below.

1- AnaClaudia Antunes, TheTao of Physical and Spiritual